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Musica Music & Dance Academy

Learn to dance and to play music through fun and professional lessons


We Create Arts Together

MÚSICA is a MUSIC & DANCE academy located in Kuala Lumpur, Alam Damai Cheras. Whether it’s MUSIC or DANCE, MÚSICA has something for you. We have been running for 10 years and we provide a big range of classes for both children & adults from as young as 2 years old.

Individual Music Lessons

We offer different instrumental lessons from beginner to advanced level. Lessons are one on one, fun and tailored according to your needs and situation.

Group Music Lessons

Our group music theory classes emphasize the importance of developing a good understanding of the fundamentals of music theory, as well as preparing the students in the required aural and ear training development.

Dance Lessons

We conduct a variety of dance classes that cater to anyone from young kids, to adults and seniors. Our different dance classes provide a healthy and safe space in which students can find how to express themselves through dance.